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Gametech’s new series of “WaSaBi” 3DS cases. These all feature transparent cases to allow your 3DS’s color to show beneath the traditional Japanese designs. As always with WaSaBi, they’re really pretty. The option to let my blue 3DS show through might make these my favorite yet.

Although, of course, it would look weird on top of my Slime-faced 3DS.

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

ugh a fly managed to get into my bubble tea and my mouth

man my gf just completed branch A of drakengard 3 and MAN THIS IS WHY (even though I haven’t played any of the previous ones and kinda… bailed on Nier after there was a boss that i just… wasn’t good enough for……..) I HAVE PASSION FOR THE DRAKENGARD SERIES

Monday, 21 July 2014



As promised, here are some pictures of Lyalya’s first walk outside! Look at the bushy little squirrel tail :D the sandpit was her favorite spot! She was extremely excited and threw sand all over the place

this is a fucking squirrel. this is a fucking squirrel with a cat’s head. who is responsible for this


It doesn’t make much sense but I can’t stop thinking of their weaknesses/Resistances being carried over to their human forms in some form. 

Like, Cielo gets sick all the time, to the point one has to wonder if something’s wrong with his immune system. If someone catches a cold, he’s expected to catch it at least twice by the time it makes it’s rounds. 

Serph is that guy who wears shorts in winter, while at the same time Heat is bundled up like he was going on an arctic expedition…When’s it barely 20 Degrees Fahrenheit. 

also like, if you get hit up about me calling it a disorder.

like, it’s literally called an autism spectrum disorder. what the fuck do you WANT me to call it

well that sure was a nice learning experience regarding posting personal frustrations on my own blog

windy-castle replied to your post: man i just. keep running into this sor…

idk this sounds like something a lot of sensitive non autistic people deal with? what kind of help specifically were you interested in obtaining? (tbh a lot of us, if not most, get very little, if any, “help” of any kind)

if you wanna dispute my autism take it up with the several psychologists I’ve had

as for the help mostly I’m just kinda bitter that it wasn’t obvious enough when I was still in high school where I could’ve maybe had some help structuring myself and actually getting shit done. right now I’m mostly struggling with finding out what I can and can’t learn to do, and it’s especially difficult given that most of the people that have visibility, people for whom it might be a little easier to find out what will Definitely Be Impossible for them, have different autistic symptoms from me, so it feels like reinventing the wheel. I get that this is something more people experience, but that doesn’t take away that it’s still really difficult and that it feels like there are people for whom it goes a little smoother.

It mostly stings when I read about kids who get diagnosed with autism and then they find a school that works with them and they get to have an actual high school career and get jobs and do stuff that’s expected of everyone that are just so impossible for me right now. I don’t know maybe those things are mostly there for parents of autistic kids to show that hey even kids w/ autism can achieve good stuff but wow if it doesn’t make me feel rubbish about my complete failure at life

It’s really not that I wish I was more autistic or whatever, I mostly just, like I said in my post, want to SEE more people who experience things in a more similar way to myself. I could maybe see how they deal with their troubles and try to apply their solutions (because the most common strategies for minimizing autism difficulties I see/hear are “structurize EVERYTHING” and emotion charts and those are things that are of no use to me), and like, I’d feel like I wasn’t so alone with the way I experience stuff.

i don’t fucking know man. maybe this all is super common in the autistic community but the thing is I don’t hear anything about this sort of thing ever so i wouldn’t know

hmmm *scratches chin* *looks at the heavens* hmmmmmm if this is about me then [etc. etc.]

get fucked

boy golly getting people on my ass for expressing frustration that my difficulties are so invisible (note: invisible does not mean not real. i did not have to drop out of high school for fucking laughs) that they weren’t even RECOGNIZED until two or three years ago, and that even now whenever I see ANY kind of information or stories about my disorder it NEVER fits with my experiences

if that’s messed up then WOW FUCK YOU

yeah it’s fucked up. it’s fucked the hell up that I can’t FIND myself in anything meant to help PEOPLE WITH MY DISORDER.

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